Charitable Gaming Volunteer Training


The training below will provide you with the information you need to perform your roles and responsibilities as a Charitable Gaming Volunteer at Bingo World Richmond Hill.

You should have been directed to this online training by an organization for which you currently volunteer. If you have not been directed to this training, please contact with the subject line “Training Request”.

Once the training has been completed, you must also shadow two experienced volunteers from your organization who will give you a tour of the centre and show you first-hand what you have learned during online training. Contact your organization so they may schedule you to shadow two experienced volunteers from your organization.

Once both the online training has been completed and your organization has signed off that you have shadowed two experienced volunteers, you are ready to volunteer freely, as scheduled by your organization.

  • This online training program will take you approximately a half of an hour.
  • Once you check “Submit” on the last page of training, the administrator will receive confirmation you have completed training.
  • If you close your browser, all of your information will be lost and you will need to start over. Please give yourself at least a half of an hour to complete this online training.
  • PLEASE DO NOT USE THE BACK BUTTON IN YOUR BROWSER. Use only the “back” button at the bottom of the training page.
  • Internet Explorer is not supported . It will work, but text may be misaligned.

Please click the button below to be re-directed to Charitable Gaming Volunteer Training:

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